Organizing A Menu

MenuSource: underconsideration

During my last semester at art school, my graphic design thesis is about becoming more comfortable with organizing text through research and type exercises. It will consist of designing a large series of black and white type compositions using only text from found print materials such as pill boxes, deposit slips, electric bills, book covers, billboards and so on. So, basically I’ll be re-designing found print materials with only type.

This menu catches my interest immediately because of the large amount of information designed into such a small space. In addition, it seems to read nicely with great typographic texture. The arched headlines give the white sections even more of a reason to jump out.

The overall feel of the spread seems to reflect on the warm, good-natured attitudes of the past through the use of the handwritten type and photo album-like shapes. But the black and white palette seems to strike a tone of sophistication, placing this design in the open arms of current consumers.



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